Anti High Jack


Anti High Jack

Every system offers this feature 

What is it?

The anti high jack feature will activate should the immobiliser tag be out of range. 

If you were to be pulled out of the vehicle, providing the tag is on your person and not left in the car, the car will kick into Anti HighJack mode which will enable the hazard lights to flash along with beeping to signal to other road users. over a few seconds, the lights and beeps will get faster and the car will come to a complete stop (if you have ever ran out of fuel before, this will be the same sequence) 

If you have GSM/GPS tracking included:

This feature will allow you to call the alarm system and immobilise the vehicle using your unique pin code which will shut the vehicle down in the same sequence as the above. So if the Tag is within the vehicle at the time the car is taken, you can call the alarm. 

See our Car Jacking video here

Q: What if they take your car keys? 0:30

A: Your car will shut down within a matter of minutes without the Pandora immobiliser tag allowing you to be safe and the thieves unable to drive the vehicle any further.

Q: What if they take you car keys and your Pandora immobiliser tag? 1:17

A: With the Pandora alarms offering GSM and GPS features, you can call the alarm and simply immobilise the car as well as tracking the cars location and co-ordinates allowing you or the police to recover you car quicker and easier.


Q: What if they take you Keys, Pandora immobiliser tag and your phone? 1:48

A: You can call the alarm from any other phone. You will need to enter your unique pin code in and immobilise the vehicle. You can also add a second phone such as your work number or a friend or family member allowing them to also call the alarm and immobilising the vehicle..