Remote start

Start and warm up your car from your smartphone, with your Pandora security system still fully armed.

Remote Start Package is based on our storm immobiliser with the ability to start your car from your phone or OEM key from a short distance of Bluetooth range. 

Your car will stay locked and immobilised while your engine is running. With all Pandora car security packages, you will be given an immobiliser tag which will allow you to unlock your vehicle and drive away. The heat/temperature settings and heated seats will be set to the last time you were in the vehicle. 

This set up is compatible with most vehicles including manual emission vehicles. This will be set to a sequence. for vehicles older than 2006, quotes may vary. 

Things to add:

Long range remote - start your vehicle from upto 1 mile range

GSM/phone Control - Start your vehicle from your phone from anywhere in the world. (this feature will come with world wide tracking subscriptions fees required 6 months free £125 per year) 

Full alarm system - with sensors covering all areas including Shock, Tilt, Motion, Movement and impact plus 120db siren set to alert should a sensor or an attempt break in. 




- Immobiliser 

- Remote engine start

- Bluetooth Phone control 0 start your car from your phone from a short distance of approx 10/15metres (bluetooth range)

Price car dependant from £899.99 fitted




- Immobiliser

- Remote engine Start

- GPS Tracking

- GSM phone control - Start your car from your phone world wide 

- Siri start my car control 

Price car dependant from £1350 fitted 


Prices will vary devehicle. You will be required to give up a spare key which can be purchased from your car dealership or from a key cutting company.

Please contact your local installer for compatibility of remote start