Immobiliser - The Storm Immobiliser

The Pandora Storm Immobiliser. 

This system is an immobiliser package offering double the security of any other immobiliser on the market as a strand alone system. 

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The Storm offers a range of features making it the worlds most advanced Immobiliser ever.

With the Pandora Tag, you will be able to get into your vehicle as normal and drive the vehicle with no worries. 

The Storm comes with 2 immobilisation points and includes anti highjack which shuts the car down if you are car jacked.

Three ways to disarm the Storm.
1. Using the supplied 128bit encrypted Bluetooth tag
2. Using vehicles original buttons on the dash/steering wheel to enter a secret code
3. Using your Android smartphones Bluetooth technology as a proximity tag. Or iPhone users can open the app to disarm the system. This is ideally reccomened for emergency situations. 

The storm also works in Pandora’s full smartphone app. Giving important parameters of the vehicle - CANbus cars only - Such as engine temp, doors boot bonnet as well fully setting up and controlling your storm system.

The Pandora Storm includes:

-x2 Physical immobilisers
-128bit encryption
-Bluetooth phone control
-Anti hijack
-Fully upgradeable

plus 1x Immobilsation tag (you can purchase additional tags if required)


What can we upgrade to from the storm? 

The Beauty of the storm Package is that you can upgrade at a later date:

-Alarm with sensors

-Tracking - see the storm plus

-Remote start (compatible on most vehicles, please contact us for this feature) 

 Compatibility: The Storm Package is available on all vehicles. (some functions are vehicle specific)




The Storm Plus addition allows you to track your vehicle no matter where you are. It will also allow you to keep in control with your vehicle at all times. You will also get remote anti highjack. - see Storm Plus for more information.