The Storm Plus - Immobiliser & Tracking with GSM


This set up it a great package offering Immobilisation, tracking & SmartPhone control through both Bluetooth & GSM. This means you're connected to your car through your smartphone anywhere in the world, 24/7. 

Receive CALLS - TEXT - 4G PUSH NOTIFICATION instantly alerting you of a potential vehicle attack.

 Day to day, safely control the Storm plus Immobiliser using your factory OEM key.




  • - Immobiliser
  • - GPS Tracking
  • - Anti Hijack
  • - GSM Phone Control
  • - 2x Drivers tags


     HQ PRICE: £999.99


    Want to add more to your system? (prices will vary dependant on vehicle and installer) 

    Optional extras:

    • - Remote Engine Start
    • - Alarm Upgrade
    • - Wireless Immobiliser
    • - OBD Immobiliser
    • - Key Guard

    (Prices may vary depending on where system is fitted) Find your local installer here 

     Suitable for: vehicles 2006 or newer, vehicles 2005 and older, vans, new vehicles, vehicles with tracking, Vehicles with aftermarket immobilisers.