Immobiliser with Alarm

This set up is a great combimation with advanced features.


The Mini BT system offers a great range of security features, such as Bluetooth phone control and multiple immobilisers. The system comes with tilt, shock, motion and internal sensors which protect your vehicle from wheel jacking, towing and general tampering.
The alarm is paired with 128bit encryption immobiliser tags, which can't be cloned or signal boosted. These can also enable the anti hijack feature and have an adjustable working range of approximately 10 metres.
You even get a 120db battery backup siren for added security.

Price: £699.99


The Light Pro comes with everything the Mini BT has adding the system's accompanying long range LORA remote which works up to 1 mile away, displaying notifications and allowing you to control your alarm system by arming and disarming. This is ideal if you’re at work or in a shopping centre and the alarm goes off, as it will alert your remote so you will be aware if you vehicle is being messed with.

Price: £850.00

 Mini BT vs Light Pro